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ILF A&A is a leading international law firm providing highly qualified services to individuals and companies worldwide. 

About us

We represent the interests of clients not just in Kazakhstan, but also in Europe, the USA and China. Our purpose is to make your business legally correct and protected. ILF A&A today is 10 years of experience in the international market, as much as a team of the best lawyers and pride of place in The Legal 500.

Our slogan "Do business with us" is a purpose expression of ILF A&A. 
We are willing to take over all legal issues, that would increase the quality of your business.

Our services

ILF A & A has a wide range of services in all areas of law. 

We are one of the few Kazakhstani companies that provide the best quality legal services worldwide.

 International Business
Security token offering
 Foundations and trusts
 Company registration worldwide
 Buying a functioning company
 Intellectual Property Law
 Dispute Resolution
 Corporate Law and M&A
 Tax law

- Preparation and legal review of foreign trade agreements;
- Legal verification of compliance of transactions and trading operations with international requirements and restrictions;
- Legal support under the law of the EAEU;
- Legal expertise (due diligence) of an investment project with the participation of foreign investments (foreign entities);
- Drafting and legal review of documents for the implementation of the investment project (agreements of intent, investment contracts, etc.);
- Representation of the client's interests in disputes related to foreign economic activity;
- Recognition and enforcement of decisions of international commercial arbitration courts and decisions of foreign courts;

- Procedure for admitting securities and companies issuing them to exchange trading;
- Elimination of financial transactions of organizations that do not comply with the rules developed by the exchange;

- Elaboration of an information memorandum, presentation for the purpose of subsequent appeal to a financial institution.

STO is a new, more regulator-friendly alternative to an initial coin offering (ICO) that allows a business to sell their company's shares in the form of a tokenized asset.

- Development of the corporate structure of the project, assistance with the choice of jurisdiction and registration of the company;
- Preparation of documentation for bringing the project to STO;
- Development of a mechanism for accepting fiat and cryptocurrency funds within the STO;
- Obtaining licenses for carrying out STO;
- Structuring the emission of tokens.

When creating a fund, the owner transfers his property to the management of the fund, that is, the property is alienated from its actual owner and guarantees its protection by separating the assets from the rest of the beneficiary's property.

A foundation is an effective tool for international tax planning just like a trust.

Registration of a company around the world, and obtaining tax benefits from the jurisdiction of the selected country.

- Reducing the size of the tax liability;
- Inability to obtain information about the owner of the business for competitors or representatives of regulatory authorities;
- Reducing reporting. The use of simplified taxation systems implies a significant reduction in the amount of documentation to be filled out;
- Entering the international market;
- Preservation of funds and the implementation of foreign exchange transactions;
- Obtaining a residence permit and citizenship;                                                                                                                                                                                 - Registration and re-registration of companies within the AIFC;
- Advising on licensing and regulation of the AIFC;
- Preparation of the required documentation in accordance with the AIFC Law.

- Registration is not required. A new functioning company gives new founder the opportunity to use the company almost immediately. This can be considered a big advantage in jurisdictions where the registration process can take anywhere from a week to a month;

- Inspire confidence in business partners. An old functioning company often gives confidence to business partners and customers.

- Fast bank account opening.

We help entrepreneurs, as well as companies to choose, commercialize and protect their intellectual property rights in the Republic of Kazakhstan and around the world, including:
- Registration of trademarks;
- International trademark registration;
- Registration of patents and utility models;
- Development and creation of design;  
- Registration of copyright for an object of intellectual property;
- A selection of current classes of the Nice Classification;
- Development and packaging of the franchise;
- Preparation and further support under the franchise agreement;
- Protection of intellectual property rights and fight against counterfeit products.

Our team includes partners and employees from Central and Eastern Europe, the UK, the Middle East and the Asia-Pacific region. We have extensive experience and expertise in key industries and all forms of dispute resolution: litigation, arbitration, mediation and corporate governance investigations.

Our team is particularly known for its expertise in the following areas:

- Pre-trial settlement of disputes;
- Legal support in the course of enforcement proceedings;
- Representing the interests of the client in litigation in all branches of law;
- Corporate and commercial disputes;
- International commercial arbitration;
- Disputes on investment agreements;
- Disputes in the field of IT and communications;
- Disputes with the media;
- Legal support in the process of bankruptcy and liquidation of a legal entity;
- Support of labor disputes;
- Disputes with state bodies, appeal against actions of state bodies;
- Appealing acts of tax authorities.

Corporate law governs the relations connected with the foundation and activities of any corporation. Recognizing the importance of corporate relations in the context of the development of economic processes, our lawyers of our company pay special attention to this branch of law.

List of services: 
- Antimonopoly regulation;
- Support of transactions for the acquisition of a business, sale of assets (part of assets) of companies, restructuring of a group of companies and liquidation (bankruptcy);
- Development of a complete package of necessary documentation.
- Advising on corporate law and M&A;
- Structuring and support of M&A;
- Obtaining permits from regulatory authorities in the field of mergers and acquisitions;
- Opening bank accounts, obtaining an electronic digital signature;
- Obtaining business identification numbers and individual identification numbers;
- Preparation of constituent documents, regulations, rules and other internal documents of the company;
- Change of director, increase/decrease of authorized capital, change of legal address and other corporate procedures;
- Registration of companies, branches and representative offices;
- Reorganization, transformation and liquidation of companies, branches and representative offices of companies;
- Preparation of share transfer agreements, preparation of shareholder agreements and establishment of joint ventures.

The payment of tax deductions is one of the solvable problems for modern business. Reducing the tax burden is part of the strategy of any business. In the process of tax planning, various legal tools are used, including the involvement of foreign structures, analysis of the current one, development of individual schemes for optimizing taxation. We will help you with:

- Corporate income tax;
- Income tax;
- Sales tax;
- Transfer pricing;
- Tax on the acquisition of real estate;
- Property transfer tax;
- Restructuring and changing the legal form of the enterprise;
- Private foundations;
- International tax law;
- Expatriation tax;
- Financial criminal cases;
- Customs;
- Investment funds.


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- Whether it's family law, business contracts, or property disputes, our team of experienced attorneys is here to offer clarity and direction.
- Take advantage of this service to understand your rights and options without any cost.

Our pro bono legal aid service is committed to ensuring access to justice for all.
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Leave a request on the site and we will contact you as soon as possible. One step will get you closer to solving your issue.

What are the payment methods?

It is possible to make a payment: non-cash or in cash, as well as through payment systems.

What are the client's guarantees?

Our team consists of recognized professionals in their field and provides legal services at a high level.

Will I know at what stage my request is?

From the beginning of the lawyer's work to the final stage, you will receive all information about the progress of legal services. Communication with a specialist 24/7 will allow you to be aware of all changes in a timely manner.

Can the price increase after the conclusion of the contract?

The price can increase only in case of an increase in the number of services and client requests.

Can the case be carried out without my participation?

We conduct online and offline meetings with the client. As a rule, it is enough to issue a power of attorney from the client, we will do the rest ourselves.

What is the cost of services?

The cost of services depends on the client's request, the complexity of the issue, as well as the time that will be spent on the request.


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